Autium Jewellery is a jewellery brand that creates jewellery from our patented precious metals and proprietary technology processes.

Our creations capture the raw colours and forms of the materials, often juxtapositioned to heighten their uniqueness, creating distinctive jewellery art pieces that are true to itself.



Autium first made its name as the inventor of 19kt Purple Gold, a national pride of Singapore, before developing the world's first Gold (Au) - Titanium (Ti) bond.

Since then, Autium has created a whole range of Fusion Classic Collections, using different precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Titanium, Platinum and more based on this Fusion Technology.



Autium views jewellery as not only an adornment for social occasions, but a bearing of the wearer's individuality.

Through placing emphasis on the materials - the core of any object - from their formation, presentation and design; our creations return jewellery to exactly what it is: A piece of art, a piece of self, a piece of the peaceful mind.



Autium Showroom is located at 10 Hoot Kiam Road, River Valley. The quiet corner is just off the city's Central Business District, providing for a direct counterpoint to the creative dynamism inside Autium.

Autium Showroom opens from Tuesday to Sunday between 11am-7pm.


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