Autium Jewellery is a jewellery brand that creates jewellery from our patented precious metals and proprietary technology processes.

Our creations capture the raw colours and forms of the materials, often juxtapositioned to heighten their uniqueness, creating distinctive jewellery art pieces that are true to itself.

A registered trademark in 14 different countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and the USA; the name Autium is derived from our achievement in bringing to life the world’s first fusion bonding material of Gold (Au) and Titanium (Ti).

With over 40 years of experience in jewellery creation and related technology fields, Autium Jewellery takes pride in presenting the pinnacles of precious materials art and technology as a mean of accentuating human nobility.

The identity and philosophy of Autium is succinctly illustrated in our logo. Two mirroring, outward curves extend concavely to form an A shape, signifying Autium as a harmonious peak of technology and the art. The curves then conjoin with an enclosing circle, marking the luxurious reconciliation of civilization and humanity.


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