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A 2 hours monthly series of meditations, sounds and teachings for the public to experience an inner journey of truth, wonderment and newness. Using the 3 understandings + 4 steps of alchemy, Autium's special process to deliver a strength for your new self. 


A new theme will be announced prior to the session. The curated teachings and meditation will be different and dynamic depending on the current energetic trends and which guidance will serve our collective co creation for the participants who has signed up. It will comprise of an opening Meditation, energy trends and how it may affect you. It will also guide you on what to look out for and clearing of personal barriers. 


  • To discover the origins of your soul in the big cosmic family. 
  • Ability to access your personal past lives. 
  • Retrieve remembrance of your skills in the golden ages to act as a focal point for humanity advancement. 
  • Dissolve energetic cords that no longer serves your soul’s alignment in the Aquarian Age. 
  • Channeling to receive messages directly from your personal guides that are stemmed in unconditional love and acceptance. 


  • Leaders of the new age who are responsible for a community.
  • people who enjoy thinking for oneself, path of service, independent, open-minded, confident, sensitive and in touch with your feelings. 
  • New initiates-individuals who are preparing for healing work. 
  • Old souls who are retrieving their past lives skills in preparation for a new evolution of 5th root race. You feel it is time for a dimensional upgrade.


DURATION  2 Hours 

Due to the Covid-19 safe measures and safe distancing protocol, a maximum of 8 people is allowed for each class. We care about public safety and everyone must follow the government-approved Covid-19 regulations while attending the class. Everyone must wear a mask and have their temperatures checked and approved before proceeding. 


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