A mysterious 29 million years old crystal found in the western desert between Libya and Egypt. Ranging from pale white, milky white to golden yellow, these high frequencies crystals are untouched by the world and hidden under the sands as rough rocks. Its formation has no conclusive evidence which was said to be formed from Meteorite impact though no impact crater could be found. Another theory says is an aerial blast or an exploding comet near the surface of the sand.

With 29 million years of earth history is not known if throughout this period the mining region was a desert area at the point of time in history when it was formed.

Interest in Libyan desert glass goes back more than 3,000 years. Among items recovered from King Tut’s burial chamber is a gold and jewel-encrusted breastplate. In the centre sits a beautiful scarab beetle, carved from Libyan desert glass. LDG is frequently used to make scarabs to signify innate wisdom and hidden gnostic mysteries.



Libyan Desert Glass is generally yellow in color but can also be very clear or even be milky or bubbly light yellow. Some fragments of this meteor glass have dark bands and swirls of brownish material. These dark areas are thought to be the melted cosmic body preserved in the meteor glass. Libyan Desert Glass was used in ancient times as a gem stone for the Pharaohs and remains a highly prized impact glass for collectors today.



These specimens were acquired in a synchronistic manner. As each batch depends on the source distributors’ willingness to sell. This batch was a chance enquiry resulting in an appearance of 42 pieces of Gold Tektite from a collector in Taiwan. It was routed to China and into Singapore. Each piece is raw and untouched ie without polishing or waxing, a common manufacturing method for materials processing



Rare, only found in 1 region. Export restrictions from Egypt and Libyan civil war is proving difficult to acquire this material We have heard that the Egyptian government has stopped the hunting and export of Libyan Desert Glass so the large bulk supply  may be the last we are able to obtain.



The energetics of this stone deciphered by meditation is known to bring a clearance of obstacles, hidden systemic formulas, true intentions. It is also a piercing miracle worker.


“Powerful manifestation crystal. Assists in connecting to light beings fro mother galaxies and dimensions. Releases fear of the unknown, allowing more trust in your life. Dissolves fear around extraterrestrial beginnings.”

Source : Archangels Oracle