Autium is a jewellery boutique with their in-house atelier and design team, visitors can experience the production process and learn about their unique approach to metallurgy. A team of value driven designers / contemporary alchemist that plays with a multicolour range of materials driven to make your creations with you to the highest potential. 

Autium believes that design is an infinite asymptote, in which aesthetics can only be achieved through tailoring to their customer specific styles. With their emphasis on an intimate experience, bridal customers are given full attention for wedding bands and proposal rings that are "uniquely yours" - just like their marital bond. Emphasising on an intimate CO-CREATE experience in the design process, customers can express their full inspiration with the store's myriad offerings of gemstones, design concepts and metals - delivering original designs with their own story, their way, at a great value. 

Size Guides

When you purchase from us, we hope to customise the right size for you. The right size should not be too loose or too tight. Before purchase, please refer to our sizing guides here to determine your size for rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Under the product in your cart, you will find a note box where you can also request for the size that you want. After transaction is made, our designer will reach out to you through email or phone number that you provided during checkout to confirm on the final size. 

Please contact us at or +65 8847 4808 for any questions. Refer to our size exchange policy here