Our Brand Logo

The letters AU and TI in Autium stands for gold and titanium respectively

As alchemists we believe that materials are alive and are always interacting


“Autium is a modern alchemist as it combines both eastern and western alchemy practices”

 Modern Alchemy

Transforming ordinary things into magnificence

Inner = outer experience to perfection


          A New universe 

              "The spirit of alchemy is to transmute base metals into gold"

Size Guides

When you purchase from us, we hope to customise the right size for you. The right size should not be too loose or too tight. Before purchase, please refer to our sizing guides here to determine your size for rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Under the product in your cart, you will find a note box where you can also request for the size that you want. After transaction is made, our designer will reach out to you through email or phone number that you provided during checkout to confirm on the final size. 

Please contact us at marketing@autium.sg or +65 8847 4808 for any questions. Refer to our size exchange policy here