Purple Chakra

Play this sound to immerse yourself in this magical vibration.

Purple sound has the frequency of 852Hz. Considered a neutral colour, purple is commonly associated with royalty, aristocracy, wealth, power, and ambition. The sound is also known as the frequency of awakening intuition and returning to spiritual order.

Purple assists you with being enlightened, elevating your self-consciousness and spiritual awareness. It is a colour that allows us to connect with our inner higher selves. The Illusions that lead people astray are a typical occurrence. It may make you feel confused, feeling hopeless, and disconnected from your goal. Purple is associated with the third eye chakra Ajna, and it is located at centre of the head, parallel to the middle of the eyebrows. The purple chakra also linked to the pineal gland, and as a result, the eyes will provide intuition, inspiration, and truthfulness.

Autium's 19Kt purple gold first invented in 1999. The purple gold's brittleness caused tremendous difficulty in manufacturing and development until its breakthrough in 2002 when purple gold was a success. At Autium, we use our modern-day alchemy of fusing metals and other materials, to create a magnificent wonder, one of them which is the purple gold. 

Purple gemstones such as amethyst, iolite, and kunzite are very strong gemstones that can help to open the third eye chakra. Hence, helping you with your spiritual awareness and helps people who need improved concentration, clear self-expression, and who are having headaches, insomnia, nervous breakdowns and hallucinations. These gemstones can help strengthen intuition, intellect, wisdom and mind power. Leaders, law makers, military and policemen will benefit from purple gemstones to open and maintain the vibration of their third eye chakra.

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