Red Chakra

 Play this sound to immerse yourself in this magical vibration.

The red colour vibrates at 396Hz. Red signifies power and passion. The colour red shows a reflection of the earth's inner surface and core. The colour red symbolises the colour of energy and determination that stimulates the limbic system of our brain that governs the behaviour we need for survival.

Someone who is easily irritated, nervous, or frustrated is shown to benefit from meditating at this frequency at 396Hz. The root chakra Muladhara is the first chakra. The energy of this chakra works like the foundation and a connection to the earth. When our root chakra is blocked or out of balance, we may experience anxiety, anger, or a feeling of being stuck in a situation that we can't escape from.

Gemstones such as ruby, garnet, red jasper, red quartz, and red hematoid quartz will help you stimulate your root chakra, by wearing such gemstones is shown to help you feel confident and in control of your life.

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