White Chakra

 Play this sound to immerse yourself in this magical vibration.

963Hz is the frequency of white and is associated with awakening intuition.

White, often known as light, is pure, forceful, and represents purity. Colours are also present in white. It reveals seven distinct colours when seen through a prism. The colour white also helps with anxiety, despair, and confusion by dispelling darkness and energising the body.

The crown chakra benefits from the pure white light of gems. For instance, diamond has the capacity to maintain your strength in the face of adversity, thereby opening the doors to a new world and ascension. The crown chakra sparkles in white light and all of the organ systems in the body can be detoxified and purified by white gems. It is beneficial to people who have challenges with balancing their cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory, and digestive systems. Diamonds iIlluminate and reflect the creation of life on earth. White gemstones are beneficial to business people, innovators seeking foundation and stability, and those who have serious health challenges.

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