Alchemy Sessions- "GAIA ROARS" 4th Dec 2021 4:30pm


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BY INVITATION ONLY, Please send an enquiry for this event. 


by Mother Gaia + Devas + Quezalcotzl 

Date: 4th Dec 2021, Sat

Time: 4:30pm

10 Hoot Kiam Road S249395



Hear the echos of the Kilimanjaro plains from the depths of Gaia like a trumpet to the connecting leylines. Align your DNAs with the dragon lines of Gaia and the heartbeat of earth. Led by a team of Shamanic guides, we will be sounding the beats to transfer these vibrationals into the leylines. The inner earth heart of Gaia is a direct relational aspect to the higher dimensions.

From quantum space the 14D to 4D to heart zero point for a correction sequence to take place. What you do now is a fractal moment of change. This is a change to a time lock dimension in the 3D, allowing for a true tilt of timeline structure to adjust back into the ascension timeline. Setting the time space reality for the 144, 000 souls to do what they do. DNA 3rd/ 4th strand aligns to this frequency movement simultaneously. Bring your own shamanic instruments and bring extra to share. With the right intention, your higher monadic self can receive the echos with immediate effect.

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