Blue Chakra

Play this sound to immerse yourself in this magical vibration.

Blue sound has a frequency of 741Hz and the colour signifies calmness, compassion and sincerity.

Blue can help with issues that have to do with the lack of calmness. It has a pacifying effect on our nervous system and helps by bringing us great relaxation. In addition, it combats fear, especially fear that is associated with the communication. Some other healing properties of blue would be its ability to help those with anxiety, insomnia and issues with the throat. Blue is associated with the throat chakra Vishuddha and is located at the larynx. It helps with the communication of the truth when you want to express yourself clearly with minimal difficulty. It can help you to communicate what you want to say concisely and with clarity. It is especially beneficial for people who are public speakers, singers, live streamers, and teachers.

Coloured gold has been getting increasingly high in demand over the past few years. At Autium, we have a patent for coloured gold and are also very familiar with the manufacturing process. One of our coloured gold is the 18Kt blue gold that we first created in 2008. The shine from the cobalt blue coming from Autium's 18Kt blue gold is electrifying and yet still soothing to the eyes. 

Wearing a blue gemstone emits a certain vibrational frequency thereby connecting with and aiding those who have the same frequency as its energetic quality. Some of the blue gemstones are tanzanite, blue sapphire, blue spinel, blue tourmaline, chalcedony cushion.

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